One and Only - Single Canister of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

At Wickeg, our mantra is, “Why just drink nitro when you can create with nitro?”

Our innovative nitro coffee comes in a pocket-sized canister – so you can let your creativity shine at home or on the go. Just add Wickeg nitro to any food or liquid such as your favorite cocktail, pastry, or dessert and experience an electrifying boost you’ll crave over and over again.

The Power of Nitro In Your Pocket

Just one canister of our highly-concentrated nitro cold brew coffee can inspire countless creations and doesn’t have to be refrigerated to maintain its intoxicating flavor.

With Wickeg’s nitro canisters, you’ll have access to our enchanting nitro coffee at home and on the move. But Wickeg is more than just premium nitro with a pocket-sized twist; it’s an opportunity to unleash your creativity and have a wicked good time.

Sustainable Nitro Coffee

At Wickeg’s we source our coffee from the highest quality Arabica beans in Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. Our innovative extraction process was designed to be as efficient as possible - which is why our nitro is 12X more concentrated thean its competitors. Our eco-friendly process takes a shorter amount of time than other nitro's so you can experience the captivating flavor and velvety texture of Wickeg without worrying about your carbon footprint. 

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