Brand Story

Created out of a noble idea

Tea Ideas is a Singapore brand founded in 2012 by Jacinta, a tea fanatic who wanted to let people experience the power of Ultra Rich Antioxidant Tea. At the same time, she wanted to create employment opportunities for senior citizens and disadvantaged people.

Created to combat free radicals

We live in a world that is constantly attacking our body with free radicals that degrade our cells and lead to premature ageing and all kinds of illnesses. We exist to help you combat this frightening enemy through our Ultra Rich Antioxidant Tea that inhibits cell oxidation.

Created to reach for the stars

We are a young brand but that doesn’t stop us from aiming high with our bold Vision of becoming The Champion Of Tea Innovations. We believe that we have an important role to play in the evolution of tea by being the intersection where tradition and innovation converge.

Created to be first among unequals

We pioneered many firsts in the tea market and we still charging ahead with our innovation initiatives to create more firsts in areas that are important to you. Among Tea Ideas’ firsts are:

  • The first to introduce the ultra-premium grade Gyokuro tea powder in ASEAN.
  • The first to make high-quality Gyokuro affordable.
  • A pioneer in patented non-drip tea wands that makes tea preparation much easier and more enjoyable.
  • The first to be conferred the Brands For Good award.
  • And many more…

Created to walk with you

In all the things that we do, we are guided by our Brand Values of Authenticity, Creativity and Tenacity to bring you the best of the best in antioxidant tea. We practice what we preach. The antioxidant tea that we serve you is the same tea we have been drinking for years ourselves. That is why so many discerning and well-known corporations buy from Tea Ideas.