Meet Our Beneficiaries

We have recruited and touched more than 40 seniors lives and successfully placed 4 PMEs with Tea ideas in the past 3 years. More than 90% regained their confidence and some of them even got out of their depression after joining us.

Their physical and psychological well-being improved greatly when they realized they can still contribute meaningfully to society. They felt valued, appreciated and they love to share their life experiences with the younger generation who are willing to listen and learn from them.


aunty susan

Right from the beginning, Aunty Susan has been an inspiration to everyone since she joined us full-time in 2015.

From having no knowledge of tea, she has since learnt, acquired and mastered
relevant skills in the art of tea brewing. She is now able to brew great tea by using precise water temperatures and perfect timing.
She is also known for her exceptional inter-personal skills as she is able to easily connect with customers of all ages. She feels younger nowadays due to her daily interactions with younger co-workers who help her stay vibrant and young at heart and mind.

On her own initiative, Susan even took up an English course for the sake of conversing and interacting with customers at the booth! It took her a while to pass the exam but through perseverance and hard work, she achieved flying colours! She has since been promoted as Mentor to help new mature colleagues. She is always willing to share her success stories with Tea ideas and she encourages other perennials to step out of their comfort zone and join her in making a difference.

Aunty Susan is indeed a valuable asset to Tea ideas and we cherish her very much.



Aunty Agnes

Aunty Agnes was once a cocoon but is now a butterfly!

When she first joined us, she was too shy to approach customers and share how our Tea works and their health benefits. Whenever a customer comes to our booth, she would be the 1st one to “run away”! After much encouragement and teaching her some techniques on approaching customers, she is now the 1st one to bring in customers to the booth!

She has grown to be more confident and is an expert in brewing all our teas. She even recommends which teas can be paired with our cookies!

She is very open and most willing to learn about new digital ways that our company adopts.

She learnt to use a Mobile POS app to key in sales, planning manpower schedule via e-calendar and picked up good knowledge on the various cashless payment modes that we are offering to customers.

We are very proud of Agnes that at her age of 69yrs old, she is also a belly dancer and a professional balloon sculptor!

We hope Agnes can be an inspiring story to all our beneficiaries above 60yrs old, that you can still contribute meaningfully to society, be gainfully employed and lead a healthy and positive life during your golden years!


Aunty Betty was formerly a warehouse executive and is very experienced in logistics and warehouse management.

She is meticulous to ensure all the stocks are properly kept, in order, and easy to find.

Betty is a diligent staff and appreciate the company for hiring her even though she has many medical conditions and is not that young anymore.

She quit her last job due to too fast paced and stressful environment. It had caused a negative impact on her health that she had to undergo Angioplasty to place a stent in her heart.

Ever since she started working with Tea ideas, she began to learn the importance of choosing the right beverage to achieve one’s good health. She realized not all green tea are the same, the method of cultivating, the soil and the weather conditions make a significance difference to the taste and quality of our Gyokuro. She began to take more Gyokuro green tea and Holy Basil which is non-caffeinated at night before she sleeps.

Her health gradually improves, and she enjoys coming to work as this job allows her to share with customers the good benefits of taking tea.

Although the company does not pay a high salary, she feels very happy working here as she felt the love and close bonds with the founder and her colleagues. She enjoys most is company’s makan gathering session! She even gets to eat a GODIVA’s ice-cream during working hours! How cool is that!


mdm Indira

Mdm Indira does not like interacting with customers and strictly wanted a tea-packing job as she cannot stand for too long as well. However, we encouraged her to try nonetheless. We told her to begin by merely demonstrating to customers how our Tea Wands work. She is also allowed to sit down whenever she is tired or when there are no customers. After one week, she felt comfortable as the whole crew was her age group. She felt if they could do it, so could she.

She has also been drinking our tea and exercising by walking to and from work. As a result, her diabetes and cholesterol issues are now under control. She was herself amazed by the dramatic improvement of her health.

She enjoys being financially independent and uses most of her salary for her weekly prayers shopping list. Sometimes she will buy a thing or two for herself at different roadshows. She even won an award as a Celebri- TEA (celebrity) because she was interviewed on TV (Vasantham Channel) for staying active and still working at her age!

We are greatly touched by her story and we hope to see more seniors like her who can age gracefully in their golden years.