Our Happy Customers

"My husband's blood sugar before is 7.2 to 8, after taken the Gyokuro tea for one year, his blood sugar is 6 to 6.7 and sometimes below 6, now he only tale Gyokuro tea for three days for one weeks and he blood sugar is control now. Thanks!" - Koh Sai
"Your Tea has helped me to lower my Blood Pressure. Before I took, the reading was 160...After 1 month of taking the tea, the pressure drop to 136+" - John L"
"I read about your company and it is very heart warming to learn about what your company is doing. All my Tea loving colleagues like this product a lot." - Adeline"
"Didn't know green tea could taste like this until I tried your product. I have not seen Gyokuro powder yet other than the one from TeaIdeas" - Adeline"
"It was the Cholesterol that I was watching...came down by 12%. I take one tea per day. Great Tea." - John L"
"I'm sort of addicted...it's so convenient and yummy..." - 
John L"