People. Planet. Profit.

We don’t just focus on the Profit. We believe that Profit is just a function of the brand taking good care of the People and the Planet. That is what we are all about – People, Planet and then Profit.


people planet profit


Ever since the brand was established in 2012, we have stayed true to our ethos of taking care of the people within our ecosystem. We provide employment for the disadvantaged and the elderly as well as continuous training and growth opportunities.

We take care of the health of customers and staff with our Ultra Rich Antioxidant Tea and focus on providing healthier, low-sugar options. We support suppliers who are ethical and green.

We have recruited and touched more than 40 seniors’ lives and successfully placed 4 PMEs with Tea ideas in the past 3 years. More than 90% of them regained their confidence and some of them even got out of their depression after joining us. Their physical and psychological well-being improved greatly when they realized they can still contribute meaningfully to society.

They felt valued, appreciated and they love to share their life experiences with the younger generation who are willing to listen and learn from them.

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Gyokuro Solar Panels

As far as possible, we try to ensure that the production of our tea products do not damage the environment. Taking care of our Mother’s Earth has always been a part of our company’s ongoing Eco concerns!

In view of this, we insisted our tea partner install solar panels approved by the Japanese authorities in the tea plantations.

As our Gyokuro tea plants need to be shaded, it only makes natural sense to harness the sun’s energy for other uses within the factory.

This initiative has reduced our need to rely on non-clean energy as electricity!

We store the solar electricity in multiple batteries and use it for the farm’s needs including irrigating as well as the charging of machineries during harvesting.


Whatever profits we make in excess of the company’s future operating requirements, we reinvest in innovation and training for our people so that the brand can grow.  The more we grow, the more people we can benefit.